Gift Vouchers

A gift certificate is used to avail some discount or gift . The gift certificate represents a promise from the issuer to the holder of the certificate that they can choose a product of their liking in exchange of the certificate. Gift vouchers are often useful where a customer isn’t exactly sure what to purchase on behalf of someone else.

Tool tip: When a customer purchases a gift voucher, the voucher will have a serial number. This serial number can be used online or by calling for redemption. If there is a remaining balance from the purchase, that amount can then be used in a second transaction using the same serial/barcode number. For example, if the transaction value was 50 and the voucher was for 100, the customer will have a remaining value of 50. The customer can check their remaining balance online at any time by logging into their account. Our system also shows the remaining balance when they redeem the voucher in the shopping cart.

The key items required to setup your voucher are listed below.

What is the name of your voucher?  

Enter the name of the voucher that will be displayed during the sales process.

Voucher Description:

Enter a description that best sells your voucher.

Voucher images and video

Select a voucher image or video to best showcase your voucher. It’s important to load an image otherwise a default image will be displayed.

Voucher template selection

Select a template from the default list or create a new template. The voucher will be attached to your confirmation email. You can completely customise the look and feel of the template or create different templates for your different vouchers created i.e. Theatre could be different to your Christmas Gift Voucher.

Printed Voucher template
If printing vouchers, select separately a printed template.

Restrict the voucher buy:

Here, you can restrict the voucher redemption according to a specific venue, event, category and by reporting codes (for enterprise users). For example, you can link a particular voucher to particular events. The voucher would then be restricted for redemption only to these events. If a customer has a shopping cart that has both items that are part of the restriction process and others, the voucher will not be accepted for redemption.

Delivery methods

This is an important section where you get to select what delivery methods you activate and any applicable charges. If you make any changes by clicking ‘edit’ please remember to click the save icon. 

Tool tip: If you select email confirmation only, this means an email will be sent and no tickets issued. All other delivery options are based on whether you select e-voucher or printed voucher templates. For example, if you select delivery type ‘e-voucher’ email and don’t select an e-voucher template, the system will warn you when you try and click to get to the next page that an e-voucher template is required. Either unselect the delivery option or select the template to continue.

Allow customers to schedule send date and time in future? (Please note this option is only available for e-vouchers)

This feature allows customers to schedule a specific time to send the voucher at a different time to purchase. For example, for someone else to receive the gift voucher on the morning of their birthday.

Allow customers to send vouchers as a gift:

Do you want to allow your purchasers to send a gift voucher to someone else? This feature is by default turned on as we highly recommend using this function. By clicking YES, a purchaser can set up a schedule, which will select a send date and time in the future. For example, the purchaser may schedule the gift vouchers to be sent on their friend’s birthday.

Allow customers to enter a personalised message: 

Allow your customers to set up a personalised message as part of the e-voucher that is sent.  This will give the voucher a special touch of personalisation.

There is only one email template per organisation which you can edit or preview:

When the recipient receives the automated email either on the scheduled date or immediately, you can customise the default template we’ve made available through Tools & Templates > Email/SMS Templates.

When is your voucher available for purchase?

Schedule a date and time for the gift voucher to start selling. For example, you may wish to create a special set of Christmas vouchers for your customers that are released automatically for sale on 1st December. 

Once purchased, when is your voucher valid until?

Don’t forget to include a date and time the voucher is valid until, if you wish to include one. For example, you may wish to make a voucher valid without any expiry date, 365 days, or to expire on a specific calendar date. It’s your choice. Please ensure you check local laws relating to gift voucher validity.

The purchaser can simply go online and enter the voucher number or call to find out specific details. The customer’s account online also has details of redeeming amounts available against their voucher.

Voucher Options

Allow customers to set value of voucher:

By selecting YES, your customers are now able to select their own value for the gift voucher. Note:  you can also set a minimum value so that your customers cannot enter an amount that is less than the minimum value.   

Activate sales channels:

Activate and select the sales channels you want to sell the voucher through. This will determine how the vouchers can be sold. For example, via internet, telephone or walk-up (box office).

Activate transaction fee:

Do you want to charge a fee if people purchase a voucher? Set this up here but remember, you can only charge a transaction fee, not an item fee.  

How to best use the table

The options that appear in the table are based on what is selected above. Complete the table and click Preview and Save to continue.

Voucher type

Distinguish your vouchers by setting a monetary value under voucher type. We recommend you set a dollar value here so that you can distinguish how much the system will charge.

Sales channels

Check/uncheck the sales channels you want to sell this voucher on.


Place a limit on the number of vouchers that are created by placing a limit in the inventory value. Alternatively, you may wish to leave the inventory unlimited. Note, your inventory cannot be less than the amount that has already been sold.

Naming convention

Manage the naming convention of your vouchers here. Note, if you change the naming convention here, all of the vouchers that have been sold within this category will be renamed according to the new naming convention.