Gift Vouchers: How to best use the table

Please note, some of the features in the table may not be visible as they were not selected in the Options area. Simply re-select the options to display in the table.

Voucher type

Distinguish your vouchers by setting a monetary value under voucher type. We recommend you set a dollar value here so that you can distinguish how much the system will charge.

Sales channels

Check/uncheck the sales channels you want to sell this voucher on.


Place a limit on the number of vouchers that are created by placing a limit in the inventory value. Alternatively, you may wish to leave the inventory unlimited. Note, your inventory cannot be less than the amount that has already been sold.

Naming convention

Manage the naming convention of your vouchers here. Note, if you change the naming convention here, all of the vouchers that have been sold within this category will be renamed according to the new naming convention.