Generate New Link

Link Generator is a simple but effective add-in that enables users to generate a web-link for customers to purchase from targeted modules online such as events, merchandise, deals and discounts etc. You can even generate a link that promotes specific dates, price scales (such as VIP), ticket type, promo code, marketing code, category and more. These links can be sent out as a private link only (for specific customers), or as a direct link to a module you would like to target.  

Use our link generator to link your online network in so many ways. Select the relevant items from the options given to determine where you would like to re-direct online users to, then simply copy your generated link. This will send online customers directly to where you would like them to go.

For example, you can link at a venue level if you are maintaining different websites for your different events. You can even link by category (example Comedy) to display only comedy shows if you have a dedicated web page on your site for that category.

If linking to a single module, e.g. events, merchandise, vouchers etc., you are able to copy your direct link from the online module area itself, however cross-functional linking by module, linking to a venue, linking to a sessions/performance, price scale, ticket, account creation or login type can only be activated by using the below Link Generator.

Important: Please personally test your link online prior to sending it out ensure that it is valid. For example, if you select to link an event, then also link an unrelated venue, your link will show no valid data as there is no association between the 2 selections.

Events: Allows you to link online by one or more events. You may wish to send out a campaign with a link that only involves specific events. Simply select the events you wish to include and copy the automated link that is generated.

Session/Performance: Once you have selected the event/activity that you would like to link, you’ll have the option to funnel down your link even further by one or more sessions/performances. For example, you may be promoting one or more performances such as ‘opening night’ to your subscribers or you may be maintaining a separate calendar on your own website of all your events/activities.

Price Level:  Select one or more Events/Activities, Sessions/Performances, and then your Price Levels. This could be useful if you were looking to link a campaign targeting your VIP price scales only, for example.  

Ticket Type: Select one or more Events/Activities, Sessions/Performances, your Price Levels, then Ticket Type. This could be useful if you were looking to link a campaign targeting, for example, your VIP price scales and a specific VIP ticket type rather than seeing all ticket types available within the VIP area. You could also promote group ticket types to grouped customers (e.g. Group of 6, Family Pass).

Promo Code: The TicketSearch system enables you to setup a promotional code via Events > Tools & Templates > Ticket Types, and then apply it to a pricing template or you are able to override the promo code at the individual pricing template or session/performance level. Customers will normally need to enter the promotional code to gain access to discounted pricing i.e. via a targeted email campaign.

Our Promo Code option allows you to select by an Event, Session, Price Level and/or Ticket Type, to then enter the relevant promo code (Note: The promo code entered must match a promo code previously created and stored in the system).

Once a customer clicks on the link generated, the promo code will automatically be revealed without the customer having to enter it. This saves time during the customer’s purchase process as you have clearly identified that they have come from the targeted link.

Venues: Select one or more Venues to link to any Events/Activities and Products that are linked to the Venue. This is particularly important if you have different pages dedicated to specific venues.


Merchandise & Add-ons: Select one or more merchandise items that you would like to link to. This is useful if you have a particular page dedicated to selling specific merchandise/products.

Vouchers: Link to one or more specific vouchers you would like to promote e.g. specific campaign vouchers you’ve set up such as Christmas vouchers, Valentine’s Day vouchers and more.

Memberships: Link to one or more membership options available i.e. one of your venues could have multiple memberships running separate to another venue that may have a dedicated website.

Fundraising/Donations: This is useful if you have more than one Fundraising/Donation campaigns, particularly if you are running multiple venues or departments that are quite independent of one another.

Deals & Discounts: Linking to one or more Deals & Discounts is a great way to advertise more than one offer but not necessarily link to all your offers.  

Subscriptions & Packages:  Linking to one or more Subscriptions & Packages is a great way to advertise targeted packages, but not link to all packages available.  For example, if you have built your season packages (such as your 12-month subscription season) as separate packages (e.g. 3-play package, 6-play package, workshop package etc.), you can link all these packages on a single link, making it easier for customers to purchase.


Reporting Codes: Reporting codes are ideal if you have different departments such as ‘library’ and ‘theatre’ using the system or even different venues/areas (e.g. Organisation 1 has ABC Theatre, but ABC Theatre has a side venue and also does touring shows by XYZ venue). You can use the Link Generator to link by reporting code online to automatically display all items rather than manually linking to each.

Private Link – Marketing Codes: A Marketing Code private link must be created under Marketing > Marketing Codes and marked as ‘Private Link Only’. This link ensures that when a customer clicks on the generated link, (i.e. through a marketing email campaign), they will not be presented with any reference to a marketing code (e.g. flyer456, VIPMar16Campaign). In this case, the marketing code is used to target track how many customers have clicked on the link and purchased via that link. You will be able to generate your marketing report to determine the success of  your marketing campaign (e.g. number of tickets, transactions, or revenue).

Simply select your requirements above (i.e. by Event/Activity) and select the correct marketing code. The marketing code must be selected as part of the module. For example, if you select the Lion King Event that does not contain the marketing code, the link will simply display all marketing codes applicable. Please test the validity of your link prior to sending it out to customers.

Event Categories: Allows you to link to specific categories such as comedy, sports, arts etc. if you are maintaining separate category listings on your website.

Product Categories: These are merchandise categories separate to categories created for events/activities. For organisations with a long list of products, separating the items on your website by category will help streamline the process and allow customers to find what they are looking for with ease.

Hide Menu?: By default, we’ve enabled this option on so that when a potential customer clicks on a link, they only see the linked items you’ve targeted. The full menu of your usual online page including links such as Home, Events, Vouchers etc. will not be visible. This is to ensure that there is a more targeted approach without seeing other options to select from the menu. Simply uncheck this option to show your link menu in full when a customer clicks into the generated link.

Generated Links

Your generated link is: A link that has been generated based on the parameters selected. Simply click ‘copy’ to copy the link displayed.

The direct link for your customers to login to their account is: This is the link that directs customers straight to the online login page.

The direct link for your customers to register an account is: You may have a web page dedicated for members to have a direct login to their account or to keep their membership information up to date.