Manage Campaigns

Fundraising is the process of collecting money as donations for a cause. Create multiple fundraising campaigns below e.g. raise funds for your theatre or another charity, the choice is yours. You can set as many campaigns as you like. When building events/activities, merchandise etc., you’ll be able to select all or choose particular campaign(s) to display. For example, if you had a charity fundraising ball, your fundraising campaign could be targeted to raise money for a cancer foundation.

Search options

Search for campaigns depending on whether they are ‘active complete’ (hit Save rather than Go Live), ‘active live’ which is currently live and people can donate, and ‘active off sale’, which means the campaign has run for a period and had an end date and is now off sale.

Tool Tip: When building a campaign, Press Save to save your campaign, not Go Live. You press Submit and Go Live when you want to go live by the start date/time entered or Cancel to cancel changes.

Create or Edit a campaign:

Follow the features below to create a campaign.

Private: Check the private flag to make your campaign not viewable online. Only those that have the direct link i.e. if you send via an email campaign, will be able to view and subsequently donate.

Campaign name: Enter a name for your campaign i.e. ABC Theatre raising funds for repair works. If you have multiple campaigns set up, the campaign name will appear in the drop-down list for selection and in all order confirmations etc.

Upload Page Header Image: Upload a banner that makes your campaign more visually appealing. This will appear at the top of the page when a customer makes a donation by direct link to the campaign online or through the backend, when clicking on sales and selecting the module Fundraising/Donations. Click to crop the image and upload. At any stage you can edit the banner.

Enter the name of the campaign that people will see in the header:  E.g. Donate to the ABC Theatre’s campaign to raise funds for rebuilding the theatre.

Campaign Description: Provide further details about the campaign by filling out the description to encourage people to make donations.  

Set the start date/time as to when people can start making donations? Set a date and time for the campaign to start. You can therefore set your campaign for right now or to start sometime in the future.

Set the end date/time as to when people can make donations until. Tip: You do not have to set a campaign end date.

Fundraising Goal Amount   How much do you want to raise?

Set a value that you would like to achieve, i.e. a target.  

Deactivate Campaign automatically once goal is reached?

 You can elect to deactivate the campaign once the goal is reached or, alternatively, keep the campaign going. The campaign will then continue unless it has an end date. 

Display this Campaign for selection when creating

If you don’t intend to allow people to make donations as part of the module experiences, such as merchandise etc., click the (x) option against the module to remove it.  Campaigns will then be hidden from being viewable/selectable during the setup of that module.

Add General Ledger Account Code:

Select from an existing code or click Add General Ledger Account Code to create a new code. A general ledger account code is a numbered account you may use to keep track of financial transactions and to prepare financial reports. Each account is a unique record and allows you to pull a report recognised by the GL account code rather than the campaign name.  When adding a General Ledger Account Code, simply enter the account code and an internal description.

Would you like to change the current confirmation redirect set? If so where would you like to redirect people too once they make a donation?

Once the order has been processed, to where do you want to redirect your customers? Enter a message to redirect your customers (e.g.  Click here to see other campaigns you can donate to), followed by a URL.  Enter short description above the button can be used to as an added intro, such as “Now that you have donated

Would you like to change the current confirmation redirect set? 

This refers to where customers/patrons are redirected to once an order has been processed. Select YES to enter further details.

Once a shopping cart payment has been processed, what default webpage do you want to redirect customers to?

Once the order has been processed, to where do you want to redirect your customers? Enter a message to redirect your customers (e.g.  Click here to see other campaigns you can donate to), followed by a URL.  Enter short description above the button can be used to as an added intro, such as “Now that you have donated”…

Fundraising Types:

You have a number of options when people make a donation.

Fundraising Amount: Are people allowed to enter their own fundraising amounts? If so, would you like to set a minimum value? This will then prevent them from making a donation that is of a lower value.

Suggested Values: This is a great option to implement. Create suggested values simply by entering the value and clicking on Add. You can add as many suggested values as you like. Once a suggested value is created, it cannot be edited but you can simply click the (x) option against the value and delete it. Examples of suggested values could be ($10), ($25), ($50), ($100) which will display to the customer/patron.

Donor Levels: Set donor levels such as Gold, Silver, Bronze and help recognise people for making donations that can often be sizeable. Donors can be recognised further by your organisation with special offers.  You can set an expiry date of these special benefits as a specific date or days from making the donation. Tip: to delete a donor level, this can only be done through your fundraising settings. Round-up/percentage of cart options: This is a great option and only available as part of a ticket purchase. Rather than the customer selecting a donation value or other options available, offer people the ability to round up to the nearest (x) amount or by percentage e.g. 10%.  This could lead to a higher value being donated.

When people donate, select a confirmation email template that they will receive.

When a customer makes a donation, you can set the template they receive by email. This can be completely customised via Tools & Templates > Email/SMS Templates. You can also add a new template directly from here.  

Enter Fundraising Thank You message:  When people donate, this message will appear in their confirmation emails. It’s a great way of showing appreciation.

Documents or Files:

Attach additional documents or files?  Select from previously added documents under Tools & Templates >Documents or add a document here. This could be further information for the donor, such as tax considerations or a flyer, the choice is yours. 

Test Confirmation Email

Send test confirmation email? Enter one or more email addresses separated by a comma to see what a donor receives when they make a donation. It’s important to note that this is a test and does not contain specific campaign details. Rather, tags are used which would be replaced when an actual donation is made.  The email template allows you to see the format of the template.