Fundraising Settings

Fundraising is the process of collecting money as donations for a cause. Create multiple fundraising campaigns below e.g. raise funds for your theatre or another charity, the choice is yours. This area allows you to set your general settings for fundraising, particularly if you have multiple campaigns running.

General Fundraising link

This link includes all your fundraising campaigns. The link can be added to your dedicated fundraising/donations page on your own website. Potential donors will be able to select from campaigns you’ve created, and you have the ability to set a default campaign. Tip: Our general organisation link also has a menu with fundraising/donations visible including home, events, merchandise etc. This organisation link displays campaigns as tiles while this specific link will show your campaigns selectable from a drop-down list. It’s your choice how you to link (dropdown list view or tile).

General Fundraising Page Header Text

This text appears at the top of the page when you have multiple campaigns. A suggestion is “Select a campaign you would like to donate to from the list below”. The customer will then select the campaign (unless a campaign has been pre-defaulted) and select an amount to donate. 

Upload General Fundraising Page Header Image

This image appears at the top of the page and could be the branding of your organisation. This is applicable if you have multiple campaigns and we need to understand what image you would like to display to potential donors. Simply create an enticing header image and upload it here by clicking ‘Upload Banner Image’. Once you upload, you must click ‘Crop & Upload’ so that that the header fits into the area designated. At any time, you can click ‘Delete Image’ to delete your image or upload a new header image.

Select default fundraising Campaign

If you have setup multiple campaigns, this will be the default campaign that will be preselected from an event/activity sale or from the direct link detailed above. Often, your own campaign for your theatre or venue would be the primary campaign selected.

Donor Levels:

Create certain types of donation levels, that when selected, will create a particular status for your customer based on their donation. For example, you could allocate the ‘Platinum’ status to a $1000 donation, ‘Gold’ to $500 and so on.  Customers who donate these values can then access discounted ticket prices (ticket types can be restricted to donor levels) or other benefits.

Anonymous fundraising:

Here you can select whether you want to allow anonymous fundraising/donations. You can also customise the message you want to display online for your customers to have their donations remain anonymous.

Acknowledgment Name: 

Activate and update the pre-defaulted message that donors will see asking about their preferred acknowledgment names. Is it their first name only, surname, a foundation?