Fee Templates

We recommend all clients use this feature to speed up the creation of events/activities.

This allows you to build a pricing template so that when you build your event/activity, based on the price entered of the ticket/item, the system will automatically allocate the fees accordingly by price range. PLEASE NOTE that fee templates are ONLY applicable if you are using price ranges that have per ticket/item fees and/or inside fees. It will not work if you only have transaction fees.

The template will only show the fees (transaction, per ticket/item or inside) you activate. By default, the first price range is 0 to 0 to account for your complimentary tickets. Clients often will charge their external hirers for the sale of a complimentary ticket by way of an inside charge. i.e. ticket price is 0, inside fee is 0.30 cents, this would mean that the external hirer/promoter would have 30 cents deducted per complimentary ticket.

The next price range is 0.01 and you will need to enter the price range depending on your organisation’s circumstances. 

The fees can be entered as a % and $ value and you can enter as many price ranges as you like. Please note, if you try and enter the same price range values, the system will prevent you from doing that as all price ranges must be unique (i.e. entering 10 to 20 then again, 20 to 30. Your second price range must be 20.01. You do not have to enter a fee in each of the options.

You can create as many templates as you like. For example, your workshops could have particular fees while internal shows (your own productions) v’s external shows (from a 3rd party hirer) would most likely have inside fees applied. It’s your choice.

Once you create your pricing, you’ll be able to select a fee template and override any values required. You have complete flexibility.

Click “ADD FEE TEMPLATE” to create your fee template.