Fast Sales

Fast Sales are employed usually on the day/night of the event/activity and are used to save time in the sales process (e.g.  if you have a lot of people arriving at once). It is a one-page scenario which allows backend users to process sales in a timely manner.

‘Obtain Zip/Postal Code in Fast Sales for reporting purposes?’

As Fast Sales are used to speed up the selling process, detailed information about each customer is not mandatory. However, here you can select ‘Yes’ if you would still like the backend user to be prompted to collect zip/Postal codes from the customers for reporting purposes (to determine which areas your customers are coming from). 

If you selected ‘Yes’-

‘Is the Zip/Postal Code mandatory?’

Select ‘Yes’ if you would like the collection of post/zip codes to be mandatory to finalise the sale, or ‘No’ if you would like it to be an optional addition to the fast sale process.

‘Activate Fast Sales at a specific time before performance/event?’

By selecting ‘Yes’ you can enter a time in hours and minutes prior to an event/activity that Fast Sales will become available for backend users to process sales in this way e.g. 2 hours. This is to stop backend users selling in Fast Sales too early. Before an event, as many details as possible should be collected from the customers and Fast Sales should only be employed just before the start of an event/activity to get people through quickly. For example, if an event is cancelled last minute, the more details about each customer you have, the easier it will be to notify them.

By selecting ‘No’ Fast Sales will be open to process by backend users at any given time prior to a performance/event.

By enabling the options below, you will be overriding the need to add a customer to distribute SMS and eTickets for Fast Sales.

If ticket delivery is mobile/cell, allow mobile/cell number to be entered to send SMS tickets?

If ticket delivery is email, allow user to enter email address only to send eTickets?