Email/SMS Templates

Default Pre/Post Event Email Templates

This allows you to set a reminder to alert customers of an upcoming event. You can set up to two pre event reminders (i.e. 7 days before and 1 day before) and one post event email. The post event email has default text thanking the customer for coming. Add in a survey link to gain insights on what your customers thought about the show.

Reminders can have a list of upcoming event/activities and cross sell items which serves as a great promotional tool. Via the event/activity build process, you can schedule your pre/post emails by setting specific times for these reminders to be sent to customers prior to or after the event/activity.

Pre-event emails

  • A default pre-event email is provided for your organisation on this page. This default email cannot be deleted; however, you can add other new templates which can occur based on different requirements with your events.  Please note, you can always add your confirmation email’s special note by clicking on the section “message text” which is where you can adjust the text and locate the “special note” under “Insert tag” options.

Post-event emails

  • A default post-event email is provided for your organisation on this page. This default email cannot be deleted; however, you can add other new templates. For example, you can have an email which contains specific information of a particular event/activity which is different to others. You can also add in a survey link to gain insight on what you customers thought about the show or aim to cross-sell to future events/activities.

Donation emails

  • This email is sent to customers who make a donation for fundraising. A default donation email is provided for your organisation on this page. This default email cannot be deleted; however, you can add other new templates to manage different campaign requirements.

Membership emails & letters

  • A default membership email is provided for your organisation on this page. This default email cannot be deleted; however, you can add other new templates. This email is sent if a customer purchases a membership.

Reserve Pay Later Emails

  • Three default emails are provided for your organisation on this page.
    • Reservation- this is when a customer makes a reservation to pay later. The email contains details of their reservation.
    • First reminder reservation emails – a notification to the customer reminding them that they need to pay for their reservation. The first reminder can be scheduled for a number of days/hours before a session/performance via Organisation Settings then Events Product Settings.
    • Cancelled reservation emails– this is when a customer cancels a reservation and an email is sent notifying them of the cancellation.

Other emails

  • Waitlist emails contain the information entered from the waitlist template of customers who are waiting for tickets to become available for a sold out event/activity. The waitlist template contains other information such as event/activity name, date and time, and the message.

Tag notification internal emails

  • These emails contain the information entered from the Marketing menu > Tags. Notification emails will be sent to internal staff with a message that a tag has been assigned and to contact the customer. This is available for Enterprise customers only i.e. customer has just donated (x) amount, please call and thank them.

Tag notification customer emails

  • This email is sent to the customer about a tag such as meeting specific requirements and therefore they are able to access special event/activity tickets/discounts.

Refund confirmation emails

  • The email is to notify a customer when they have requested a refund and it has been processed successfully.

Gift recipient emails

  • This gift recipient notification email template is for instances when your organisation has set up a gift certificate that can be sent to another person as a gift. Gift certificates can be scheduled for special events such as birthdays, Christmas etc.

Task email alert

  • Task email alerts are sent when you have created a task and allocated it to a team member. It will alert them to complete a task, for example if a customer needs to be contacted for a specific reason.

Customer registration emails

  • This email notification is for when a customer registers their email/account details. Using this template, you may specify the information a customer receives when registering their details.

Customer Account Password Reset

  • This notification template is used for when a customer needs to reset their password to be issued a new one. Part of this email will include instructions for resetting their password and information about a temporary password.

Back Office Staff Registration

  • This is sent to your organisation’s team members/promoters to notify them of their account details, such as their account commencement date, account name and other details.

Back-office password reset

  • This back-office password reset email notification is sent to team members when they have requested an account password reset.

SMS Barcode

  • This is a template that will be sent to your customers who have requested that their tickets/discounts are sent via an SMS service including a barcode to their mobile phone. The default text is provided here and can be edited.

Add template: When adding a template, click Add template then a new page opens where a default template is loaded and can be easily customised. Note: some email templates do not have particular functions such as cross sell or upcoming events because they may be for internal notification for team members such as a back-office password reset.

Items you can customise are:

  • Template name: what you’re going to call the new template so that it’s easy to remember.
  • From name: who the template email will be from, this can be anyone in the organisation.
  • Reply to email: where the customer replied emails are sent to.
  • Subject: this contains the subject of the email. Use system tags such as first name, event name, venue phone number etc. to personalise the experience.
  • Logo image: this is where you can upload your organisations logo image. This is not a requirement, if you choose not to then you can leave a blank background colour, or you have the option to change the colour. The logo link will link a customer to that address, i.e. your main website.  
  • Header image: you can upload a header image, or you can just choose to change the colour of the header background. The header link will link a customer to that address, i.e. your main website.
  • Message Text: this is the main body text in the email, you can format the font easily and also include tags which can insert information such as event/activity details.
  • Call to action button: this can highlight something you may want to sell like parking or a drink voucher. This button creates a direct link to the item you want to promote in the event/activity. Select a colour that matches your branding.
  • Upcoming events: if you activate this option it will display upcoming events that your organisation may want to promote.
  • Cross sell: if you turn cross sell items on, they will appear at the bottom of the template page which is used to advertise upcoming events/activities i.e. buying a membership, gift voucher, other similar shows etc.
  • Social media: these social media links are pulled from your “settings” area which should be completed prior to adjusting templates. This function allows you to override the previous settings if you are for example running a different type of event and want to showcase the social media details of a sponsor etc.
  • Footer image: this setting is optional but may include anything additional you may want to advertise for the event/activity. You can upload a footer image, or you can just choose to change the colour of the footer background.

You are able to ‘Send Test Email’ to a nominated email address to give an example of the completed customised email.

Always ensure to SAVE all of your changes.

Email Templates Default Settings

These are your default settings for your email templates, particularly useful for saving time when you create an email template. 

  • From Name: The name will appear at the end of the email template when it’s sent to customers, note that the default is set to “Administrator”.  Please change this to your desired name such as your organisation name.
  • Reply to Email: This allows customer replied emails to be sent to a specified email address which could be anyone in the organisation. Please change from the default.

Social Media

  • Social media links (i.e. Facebook, twitter) can be inserted to the email templates and can be changed per template.  Three social media button style options are available for you to choose depending on your organisation’s preference. Then insert the social media links in the boxes provided.

Default Pre/Post Event Email Templates

Here you can customise your pre-event email 1 and 2 and post email timeline. In each section, select the specific template that you want to use (whether default or one you created yourself) and enter the amount of days or hours you want the email to automatically be sent out before/after the event/activity begins.