Editing a Seat Map for a Session

Edit your seat maps for Events/Sessions to add extra seats or remove unwanted/unsold seats. To do this, Go to EVENTS > BUILD & MANGE EVENTS. From your Event Listing, select the event with the seat map you would like to edit by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. Once selected, go to STEP 3: SCHEDULE EDITOR. Next, select the edit pen for the VENUE LAYOUT. A pop up will appear to confirm that you would like to edit the venue layout for the selected date and time, select YES to continue.

Once selected, you will be directed to the seat map builder. Here you can use the row/table seating option from the menu to add or remove seats from your map. Use the ‘Select By’ button to change the selection options (Example: use the select by ‘seat’ option, to remove a particular seat). Note: If you have already sold seats against the layout, you will be prompted to use the ‘Kill’ hold type under Capacity/Holds of your event build to remove the selected seat(s).

You can also edit the map to include elements, objects, or text. Once all desired changes have been completed select SAVE.