‘Documents’ allows you to load files into this template area to be assigned to an event/activity against the confirmation email, a session/performance or a ticket type/discount.

For example, your confirmation email could have important information about how to enter a venue while a document loaded against an opening night could state some special instructions. Against a child ticket type, you could have important information that needs to be filled and returned to you. Documents will email and also if the order is printed, the documents will also print. Batch printing/bulk printing i.e. for mail and collect at box office on night of a show will print as part of the batch as well.

Tip: You can add and view documents in all modules.

  • Searching documents- simply enter the file you want to search for and click “SEARCH”. Please remember to click “CLEAR FILTERS” to see your full list after a search.
  • Click the option “New Folder” at the bottom of the page to add a new document folder. Then name the folder by typing directly into the new folder you created then click the “Save” icon located next to the text box. Once this is done, you’re ready to upload the documents to this folder. You can delete the folder by pressing the bin icon at any time. It will prompt you first before deleting the data.
  • Adding a document to an existing folder – click the ‘+’ icon. Click on “Select a File To Upload”. Enter a file name and description if preferred and click save.
  • Re-ordering Document folders. You can always change the order of the folders by dragging and dropping them into your desired position. You can also click on the arrows to sort in ascending or descending order. Tip: Click the 2 main folders you want to move from and to. Then drag the file until you see it highlighted in the new location for it to be successfully moved.
  • Rename folders – To rename a folder name click “Edit” then when finished typing click “save”.
  • TOOL TIP: To delete a main folder, you must first move or delete all sub-files/documents then you will be able to delete the folder.