Customers and Transactions

Order note

If you’ve entered an order note against a transaction that needs editing, simply click ‘Edit Order Notes’. Press ‘Save’ to save your order notes.

Delivery Method edit function

This function allows you to edit a delivery method so that it reflects correctly in your reports/analysis. For e-tickets, local printer and print functions, you can then click the ‘Reprint’ button to reprint your items. By selecting, for example, a mail or collect type of function, you will be moved into batch printing so you can then print these tickets i.e. 1 hour prior to a show or for mail, when you want to print all of your mail tickets. It’s important to note for mobile phone orders, you must click the ‘Exchange’ button, then select ‘mobile phone’ as the delivery method and finalise the order to resend the tickets.

Marketing Code

Click ‘Edit’ to update your marketing code which is “how did you hear about the event/activity/product?”. This is usually applicable in circumstances where you selected the wrong marketing code and have since processed the order i.e. the customer changes their mind as to the communication method.

Ticket Holder Details

This function allows you to update each ticket holder’s details, such as their name, phone number etc. after a purchase is made. For example, if for a festival you were collecting date of birth details and an incorrect entry was made during an order, it can easily be updated at any time after the transaction was made.

Questionnaire Responses

Click this button to update any of your questionnaire responses against your order. For example, a customer may want to update their dietary or other medical details which are important to keep up date and relevant to that customer’s needs.

Transfer: Allows you to transfer tickets/items to someone else’s name. By selecting tickets/items, and clicking the ‘Transfer’ button, a pop-up page will be displayed where you can decide if an exchange fee will apply (depending on security level access to the system/privilege) as well as other fees. Once you land onto the finalise order screen, the previous customer’s details are not displayed. Enter the new customer’s details and complete the order.  You can always add additional items while transferring. Select ‘Keep same barcode in transaction exchange’ if you do not want to disable the barcode of any current ticket/items i.e. the customer could simply pass on the tickets to their friend/family member.

Disable Scanning: Allows you to block the ticket/item from being scanned into a venue/location. A customer could be barred from entry for a number of reasons. Once you click this button, you will need to enter a reason why you are disabling the ticket/item. Once you click ‘Save’ against the barcode, you can always click the pencil edit icon to reactivate the barcode. A rollover info link displays the reason why the barcode was disabled in the first place for your reference.

Reprint: Allows you to reprint ticket/items. Once you click this option, a pop-up appears, and you can simply select your preferred delivery option. Simply follow the on-screen prompts.

Exchange: Allows you to change and charge a fee (if applicable) to the changing of dates/times, replacing of items/tickets, adding of more items/tickets and the changing of seats. By selecting tickets/items, and clicking the ‘Exchange’ button, a pop-up page will be displayed where you can decide if an exchange fee will apply (depending on security level access to the system/privilege) as well as other fees. Once you land onto the finalise order screen, simply follow the options on the page. You can access the help guide by clicking the link to read the guide on further details about what you can do during an exchange.

Refund: Allows you to refund items/tickets. Simply select the items/tickets or ‘Select All’, and click the ‘Refund’ button. From here, you will land on the finalise order screen. Confirm the details, select a payment type (usually the same way the order was paid for originally) and press ‘Confirm’. If the payment was paid by credit card, depending on your gateway/bank provider, you may be able to refund straight back to the same credit card that the transaction was paid for. If this fails, reasons could be that the card is no longer valid, replaced, expired etc. Simply select another payment method to refund the order.