Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships involves building relationships and linking customers together. You can create a main relationship title and then create sub-relationships i.e. Household, and the sub relationships are Mother, Father, Sister, Brother.

By creating these relationships, you can easily understand how customers are related to each other and what their relationship actually is. For example, school relationships may include a principal, teachers and cleaners.  Tip: If you have created sub types, click the +SHOW icon to reveal your relationship list.

TOOL TIP: Searching for Relationship Types – Simply enter the term you want to search for, select from Active, Inactive or All and click “SEARCH”. If you are searching for Relationship sub types, if the system returns a result, you’ll need to click the +SHOW against the Main Relationship type. For example, if you search for Father, which was created in the Household Relationship type, and it’s also in another Relationship type, the system will display 2 Customer Relationships, click +SHOW to then expand both to see the sub types. Please also remember to click “CLEAR FILTERS” to see your full list after a search.

Creating a Relationship Type – Click on NEW RELATIONHIP TYPE and enter the relationship type in the field provided. Please remember to click the save icon. Once saved, click “ADD SUB TYPE” to add a Relationship Sub Type such as mother, father, brother, teacher etc.  You have complete control to create as many types and sub types as you like.

Editing a Relationship Type/Sub type – Click the pencil icon to edit, update the field and click the save icon.

Deleting a Relationship type- Click the delete icon from a Household Type or Sub Type. If you cannot see the delete icon against a Household Type, it could be a result of the following:

  1. The sub types must be deleted first before a Relationship Type can be deleted. Once you delete, refresh/reload the page so that the system can update the page, it will reveal the bin icon.
  2. There may be inactive sub types. Filter above for inactive status and locate your sub types. It’s important you have the Relationship Type open to search for inactive content.
  3. You haven’t refreshed the page to then reveal the bin icon if you’ve recently deleted types.

IMPORTANT- Deleting a relationship type or sub type will result in the data being deleted from our system. This action cannot be reversed, and you are provided with an extra warning of the implications. Please ensure you fully understand the implications of deletion.

Making a Relationship Type Inactive – Simply flick the inactive switch. Inactive will result in a soft delete in our system. The system will hide the Relationship Type and data from all customer records. If you flick the active switch back on, all data is restored. 

Moving Relationship sub types between Groups – Click +SHOW on both groups to expand both sub types and then drag and drop into your desired position or group.

The customer record and Relationship Types:

From the customer record, simply select the Relationship Type and the system will create a Relationship Type table. You’ll then be able to add parties into this by using the customer search field or advanced search option. You’ll also be able to nominate who the primary contact is. For example, a “School” relationship could see the Development Officer being nominated as the primary contact to send all correspondence and marketing materials (brochures). This avoids sending every single person in that relationship group a brochure.

***It’s important to note that if you delete a customer from a relationship within their record, this will remove them from the relationship and remove the relationship view of the other members from the account. In the case below, Amit and Charlie will still be listed in their “Related Persons” sub menu of a customer record under the Household.***