Cross-sells & Upsells

Cross-sell related events and products? Sell similar items or other items that would be of interest.

Tool Tip: Enter Headline Text e.g. Customers who purchased this event also bought these.

You are able to add up to 4 cross-sell items e.g. 1 cross-sell could be membership or click here to purchase other t-shirts available. You can also mark a ticket type/discount when building an event/activity as an exclusive offer so you could do a deal where if you purchase a t-shirt, you get 10% off selected events.

  1. Click “Add Event/Product” to add a cross-sell.
  2. Select relevant module and items that will form part of the cross-sell.
  3. Select relevant items from your list to be associated with the 1 cross-sell.
  4. Upload an image for your cross-sell
  5. Add a sub-heading, e.g. purchase a comedy show and get 10% off
  6. Add a description to explain further information about the cross-sell.
  7. Repeat the process above up to 3 times to add 4 different cross-sells.

Upsell / Add-on Merchandise?

Add an upsell as part of the sales journey of the customer to generate higher revenues. Also, sell wine, chocolates, programs and other items as part of the experience.  Upsells can be added against an event and/or against a specific ticket type, e.g. alcoholic drinks for adults while children are offered popcorn.

Heading: Enter text to help generate interest e.g. Other people who bought this, also bought the below.

Click “Add product”

From the overlay, select one or more products or types from the list, i.e. do you want to sell all types of chocolate or particular types (only white chocolate) as part of the upsell experience?

THEN select:

Offer a discounted price for any item: Offer a discounted price for those people who purchase in advance e.g. if you purchase a drink in advance, we’ll offer you 20% off.

Match delivery and validity to event tickets selected: The system will match the delivery and validity to the performance/session date so that the person receives a ticket and a drink voucher that is valid for the same date/time. The system prints ‘valid for xxxxx’ i.e. Drink Valid for ABC Event, 29 Sep 2022. If you have a BOCA ticket printer, tickets that are batch printed i.e. box office collection, will appear in your Sales > Batch Print under ‘Upsells’ when searching.

Is the product a mandatory add-on?  If you have specific requirements, add a mandatory add-on that stops you purchasing a ticket without said add on e.g. for a tour, you must collect a tour t-shirt in your size.

Set a specific quantity: Set a minimum, maximum or equal to the number of tickets purchased for the event e.g. if you purchase 4 tickets, at least 1 drink voucher must be purchased or if you set equal to the number of tickets, if you purchase 4 tickets, you must purchase 4 meal plans.

Image Upload: An image is mandatory and must be added. Use a high-quality image – up to 2mb: 800 X 600px.