Creating A Promo Code

Promo Code Ticket Type: Create promo code ticket types to allow your customers/patrons to access discounts by entering a specific ‘promo code’.  For example, offer your frequent customers a special discount price on a ticket by using the promo code ‘FREQUENT’. To create promo code ticket types; from your Dashboard, go to EVENTS > TOOLS & TEMPLATES > TICKET TYPES. When in TICKET TYPES, scroll to the bottom right of the screen and select the blue button that says, ‘NEW TICKET TYPE’.

Once selected, the ‘Add Ticket Types’ Screen will appear. Here you can enter the desired name of your ticket (Example: Promo Ticket 1) in the Ticket Type Name box. Next, select ‘YES’ for the option: PROMO CODE TICKET? Once selected, enter your desired promo code (Example: FREQUENT, for frequent customers/patrons).

Next, you can set the minimum or maximum amount of promo code tickets which a customer can purchase. You can also opt to have this ticket type hidden from the price range displayed online, thereby making it only accessible to customers in possession of the promo code (Note: This code can be sent to specific customers/patrons via Email, SMS etc.). You also have the option of making this a complimentary or zero price ticket, restricting it to an exclusive offer (Example: a cross-selling incentive) or restricting it to members (Example: only members can access the discounts associated with this ticket type) and finally, you can restrict it by customer tags (Example: only customers with an assigned tag such as ‘frequent donor’ can access this ticket type). Once all your preferences have been selected, simply hit the ‘Save’ button and that’s it your new promo code ticket type has been created.