Categories and Interests

Categories are aligned with types of events/activities you hold such as a Comedy Show, Sports, Tour, Theatre etc. You can also create sub-categories – for example, Tour could be the category, and the sub-category could be Island Tour, Land Tour etc.

You can always make a category an interest by clicking on the active switch so that customers online and through a backend sale (counter/walk-up/phone) can also select their interests. Not all categories need to be set as interests.

The above image shows how interests display in the customers online account for selection.

Categories and Interests allow you to understand not only customers who have purchased particular types of events/activities, but also those that are interested in receiving information about these categories or sub-categories.  This data available through reports allows you to direct marketing efforts to events/activities that are more popular by understanding the number of customers, number of tickets/items sold and total revenue for any category and or/sub-category.

When you are building an event/activity, you can assign one or more categories.

Adding a category/sub-category and assigning interest – Click on the bottom of the page “ADD CATEGORY” then if you require a sub-category, click on the sub menu, “ADD SUB CATEGORY”. Flick the switch on under “INTERESTS” to assign the category/sub-category as an interest.

TOOL TIP: To delete a main category, you must first move or delete all sub-categories then you will see the bin icon rather than just the pencil edit icon.

Searching for a category – Simply enter the term you want to search for, select from Active, Inactive or All, and click “SEARCH”. Please remember to click “CLEAR FILTERS” to see your full list after a search.  If you have sub-categories, the system will display the category the sub-category appears in. Simply click the + icon to reveal the sub-category.

Re-ordering Categories/Sub-categories – If you only have categories, simply drag and drop the item into the desired position. To drag a sub-category into another category, open both categories and drag and drop into the category where it states “drag sub-category here”. You must click on exactly the right spot otherwise the item will not move.

You can also click on the arrows to sort by ascending or descending order.

Click the active switch to turn your category and/or sub-categories off from display – Any sales that have already occurred will not be affected by making the category/sub-category or intertest inactive. This might be required if you no longer wish to use the category.

Click the pencil icon to edit a Category/Sub-Category – Update the field directly on the page and press the save icon.  If you do edit a category/sub-category, all existing orders that have the category/sub-category associated will be updated i.e. if you change the category “Comedy” to “Comedy Main” then the system will update all orders to “Comedy Main”. Click the bin icon to delete a Category/Sub-Category – By deleting any of these options, all data will be affected i.e. if you delete the category “Comedy”, this will disappear from selection against an event/activity when building and selling. Reports will also not display the category.