Batch Print

Batch Printing allows you to print tickets that have been processed as box office collection, mail or collect to your BOCA printer when required. You can print tickets, merchandise, event, up-sells and vouchers. You can also print from your Batch Print History. Depending on your Operator Settings, the system will automatically print a header card, the ticket/s and a receipt. We recommend batch printing a maximum of 200 orders at one time.

Reasons for batch printing:

Print off individual orders ready for collection by the customer

If you have customers who book tickets online and then come in to collect the tickets, you can print the orders when they come in to pick them up or do it in advance and file, for example, alphabetically, ready for collection.

Mailing tickets to customers

If you need to print out all of the orders that have to be mailed out to customers.

Print tickets ready for collection on the day of the event

This is usually done on the day of the performance and often 2 hours before the show once the internet sales are off-sale. The tickets are filed away for collection from the box office prior to doors opening. Depending on when you cease internet and phone sales, you may need to do a second batch print to ensure you have all of the orders printed.

Select delivery method

This is where you need to select the delivery method of how the tickets were sold e.g. Mail/Collect. You can select multiple options of delivery types, but it is generally discouraged as you may need to deal with each delivery channel differently. This is compulsory.

Select venue

This drop down allows you to narrow your selection by venue/s. Depending if you are wanting to isolate a certain venue’s tickets, merchandise, event or vouchers. This is optional.

Batch print tickets by Performance

This is where you can narrow down the batch by:

Today: normally used for performances due to commence that day

Next 2 Days: the two days from current date

Next 7 Days: the next 7 days from current date

Date Range: you can select a date range; this is good if you want to single out a certain performance date range  

Not Applicable: if you do not wish to narrow tickets down but any date range

Sales Date Range

This is where you select a sales date range for a period.

Text search

This is a free text field that you search the tickets you require. For example, you can search by event or voucher name etc.





Up Sells

This is where you can select only the modules you would like to print off. For example, just up-sells or vouchers. You can unselect the irrelevant modules that you are not needing.


Once you have selected all the relevant parameters, you can click search and print your results. This will then be broken down into the modules selected. On the right-hand side, you can select the tickets you want to print then click ‘select all to print’ and it will automatically print all the selected tickets. If you are wanting to print all tickets simply just click on the ‘select all to print’ function.

If you are wanting to only print one ticket off the list, you can click ‘select to print’ on the individual ticket.

Reprint Batch

This function allows the reprint of previously printed batches, click on ‘Reprint Batch’ to either reprint a particular batch print or reset the tickets in that batch so that they can be batch printed again in future. Click ‘Reprint Batch’ and you will get a screen displaying the tickets within the batch you can reprint and or remove any modules not relevant to the reprint. This will generate a list of any previously printed batch tickets; this is handy if your print batch has failed when printing. Always check that you have enough ticket stock before batch printing.