Auto Release Holds

Holds can now be set to auto-release at a specific time and date. This is an exciting enhancement that allows you to completely automate the process on a session by session (date/time) process. For example, you could auto release your promoters seats that haven’t been used by the promoter 1 hour before the session start time reducing the administration time required to remember and manage these processes.

To find this function, go to Events > Build & Manage Events > Create New Reserved Seating Event OR Edit Existing Reserved Seating Event > Go to Step 3 > under column name Holds/Capacity, click Edit Holds button against the session.

You will see a new column “Hold Release Date” where you can set the number of days, hours, and or minutes that you would like the hold(s) to auto-release before the session/performance date and time. A minimum of 30 minutes can be set before a session/performance. This is due to automated batch jobs that run to process many different requests through the system.

Once these holds auto-release, the last released date and time will be displayed against each hold type removing the time that was set earlier against that hold.

For example, if The Wiggle’s session/performance is on 31st December 2022, 10:00 PM and there are holds including Staff and VIP then these can be set to auto-release at different times. In the image below, the Staff hold will be released 1 hour before the session/performance time (31st December 2022, 09:00 PM) and the VIP hold will be released 2 hours before the session/performance time (31st December 2022, 08:00 PM).

Note: Once holds have been released then this action cannot be undone automatically. The user/operator must add the holds manually if required