Auto Collapse Price Levels

We’ve added a cool new feature that allows you to automatically collapse your price level legends, thereby making the seat selection process easier in instances whereby there are numerous price levels for an event. Customers/patrons would no longer need to scroll further down the page to select desired seats.

To access this feature, go to Settings > Event/Product Setting (As shown below). These questions can work independently so that you can either select it at the Org Level and have all reserved seating events automatically collapsed or at the Event Level whereby only selected events will have this feature enabled.

Note: This feature ONLY applies to Reserved Seating Events

Org Level

When activated at the Org Level, the price level legend for all online sales for reserved seating events will auto collapse by default. If a customer/patron would like to view the price level legend, they can click on the ‘Filter Price’ tab and the legend will be displayed.  Therefore, where an event has numerous price levels e.g, 10 -15, the customer would no longer need to scroll further down the page to view the seat map when the legend is auto collapsed.

Event Level

The question can also be accessed at the event level from Step 1: General Information of the Event Build > Options and Add Ons.

When activated at the event level, you can auto collapse or display the price level legends for specific events online rather than across all events within your org. Therefore if there are ten (10) events, one with numerous price levels and the others with only a few, you can choose to auto collapse the price level legend for the one event and display it for all others.