Artifax Integration- (Venue Management System)

Artifax is a cloud-based event/venue management system that many venues use worldwide to book their space, manage their billings with promoters, and more. The great news is that Artifax can now be integrated with TicketSearch, making event management even simpler.

The Venue Management System’s integration can be found under Organisation Settings > General Settings. To send event data from TicketSearch to Artifax, an operator must click the “go live” button on the Event Build at Step 5: Event Summary. There will also be a scheduled batch job that will auto-sync the event data from TicketSearch to Artifax once successfully integrated.

Artifax will send event data including the event name and session date and time, in addition to the event sales data including the session’s total sold count, reserved count, net value, and gross value. This data can be accessed via the Artifax portal.

This setting can be managed at the event level as well by turning “Do you want to adjust at event level?” to YES from Organisation Settings. Once this question is turned to YES the below question populate under the event build at Step 1: General Information > Options and Add-Ons.

It is important to note that there is a one-off charge of $495 plus applicable taxes associated with the activation of Artifax.

Accessing Artifax API Key: Integration between Artifax and TicketSearch is based on the event and its associated performances being first built in TicketSearch and then automatically created in Artifax.  This process requires some configuration in Artifax to manage the permissions of the connection with TicketSearch and the settings for bookings that TicketSearch will create.  Please liaise with Artifax Support for assistance with configuring your system for integration.

Artifax and TicketSearch Connection: When activating the connection between Artifax and TicketSearch, any events built and LIVE within TicketSearch will then create an arrangement in Artifax. The fields copied across to an Artifax arrangement include event name (line 1), session date and time, ticket types, ticket type revenue, net revenue (ticket price – inside fees) and gross revenue (ticket price + inside fees). Due to Artifax requiring only ticket type information, no other fee types will be included in any revenues. For a full reconciliation of any event, we would recommend always using your TicketSearch financial reports for full financial breakdowns. Whenever an event is taken off sale or deactivated, the arrangement will show as cancelled in Artifax.

If you’re as excited about this new feature and want to give it a try, you can contact the Artifax Support Team to book a demonstration and configure your system for integration. To connect with Artifax, please contact Artifax support or go directly to The team is eager to speak with you.