Apple Pay Setup with Securepay

Before you can start integrating with Apple Pay, you will need to register your TicketSearch domain you would like to use for Apple Pay. This can be done by logging in to your SecurePay Account

***Please remember, you may need to get your SecurePay log in details from your finance department to access. Please do not contact Support as we are unable to access your account details***

Steps –

  1. You can activate Apple Pay from the Payment features tab by completing the instant application.

    2. You will view the below Screen:

Click the Let’s start button.

  • 3. In the Apple Pay section, you will see the option to add Live domains, Click on the Live domains hyperlink to proceed.

    4. You will then see the below screen to complete application and activate apple pay.

In the application, follow the steps to verify ownership of your domains. You must register the domains you would like to use for your live payments.

You can find your TicketSearch online sales URL by clicking on Settings > Organisation Settings > Company Details then scroll to ‘Frontend Customer/Patron Purchase URL’.  

For Example  if your online sales URL is

Where abc is your Org Code

Then you must add domain to use Apple Pay.

Note – Remove https:// while adding the domain.

In the example below, we’ve added in step 1 and then pressed enter.

We had already added domain verification file for the path given in step 2.

Check both checkboxes for Terms & Conditions and domain verification, then click Submit to activate and verify Apple Pay.

  • After your submission, you will see the below confirmation page of registration of your domain.

Click Return to go back.

You can now log in to your TicketSearch account and proceed to SETTINGS-> ORGANISATION SETTINGS-> STEP 4. FINANCE SETUP to activate Apple Pay in your TicketSearch account.

You must use the same credentials you used to setup your Securepay credit card processing service by entering your Merchant Code, Client id and Client Secret key.