Apple Pay Payment Method

Customers will now have the option of using Apple Pay as a payment method when checking out for an order. Below is a step-by-step guide detailing the checkout process for a customer using the Apple Pay Payment Method:

  1. In the online checkout page, customers/patrons will be able to use the ‘Apple Pay’ payment method. Once Apple Pay is selected by a customer and the terms and condition checkbox is ticked, then the ‘Pay with Apple Pay button’ will be presented to customer as shown below.

2. Once the ‘Pay with Apple Pay’ button is selected, all the cards a customer has saved in apple pay will be presented and the customer can then select their preferred card for the payment and confirm the order. The screen displayed below may vary depending on the Apple device.

3. Confirmation order email displayed below:

4. Order confirmation as displayed under customers/patrons and transactions:

5. A refund or exchange can only be completed for a lower amount by using Apple Pay from the backend, following the standard refund process.