Advance Release Notes 69

February 2023

We are excited to announce the planned release of the below items on 1st Feb 2023.

Please see below the items that will be included in release 69. Please read the release notes carefully and if you have any questions, please contact support in your region.

  1. Stripe Terminal Integration

This will allow you to process EFTPOS/in theatre/store transactions directly through TicketSearch for walk-up sales. TicketSearch will push the total value directly to the terminal point saving you time.  The device supports chip, contactless and swipe payments.

A separate campaign has been sent asking you to register for our trial period which is limited to a handful of clients. Please contact your local support to register your interest.  Once live testing is complete, we’ll be rolling out to as many clients as possible. Please ensure your register as soon as possible.  

2. Stripe Payment Gateway Upgrade

We’ve updated our Stripe online service to the latest version. The latest version has a number of benefits including more payment methods. More information will be provided in the full release notes.

3. Convert all printed tickets to e-tickets and send them to the customers

When changing an event date/time, you now have the ability to convert all printed and mail tickets to etickets and resend them to customers who have email addresses registered against their customer profile. This option will be presented while changing the event’s session date/time via the event build listing page, event build step 2 or event build step 3. Once this action is completed, the system will send e-tickets to customers and update the print status column against those transactions with the delivery type eticket and the sent date and time. Ticket delivery is normally processed within an hour depending on how many batch jobs are running at the same time.  

4. Event cancellation functionality and Email template

If an event or any performances are cancelled, the new cancelled event process will allow you to send an email template to all customers that have an email address. This function is provided on the event build listing page where operators can send the cancelled event email notification for entire event or for specific session(s).

A new icon has been added to the options area (right hand side of the listing page which also includes functions such as edit, copy, delete icon etc).

Once you click the icon, the following will appear. Flick the switch to send the template then select your desired template. We’ve added a default template for your convenience.

The Cancel event email template can be found by going to Tools & Templates > Email/Letter/SMS Templates > Cancel Event Notification. You can create as many templates as you like.

5. Optimisation of Boca re-print from customers & transactions

We’ve optimised the performance and number of tickets that can be reprinted from the customers and transaction reprint section.

6. Voucher QR code is now available

QR codes are now available for printed vouchers. All default Printed and E-vouchers templates will have a QR code by default. Operators can add/edit a QR code by going into Gift vouchers > E-vouchers/Voucher Layouts >Edit/Add Template. This QR code can be scanned by a connected scanner to your computer/laptop at the box office which will then simply populate the 19-digit voucher number into the barcode field. This will save operators time.

To scan the voucher, first click on the voucher redeem field and then scan the QR code and click the redeem button. If scanning multiple vouchers, scan all vouchers against the different fields and then click redeem.

7. Customers & Transactions edit delivery method help text modification

The help text has been changed to the below under Customer and Transaction > Delivery Method Edit for better understanding. Once tickets have been printed, changing the delivery status will not move tickets into the new delivery unless an exchange is processed.

8. Voucher components are removed when not using voucher delivery method from backend

We have removed all voucher related components from back-office checkout page when the voucher method is turned OFF against any specific sales channel.

9. Membership card and letter counts

Membership cards and letter counts are now displayed separately under Memberships > Build & Manage Members > New/Renewed Members. Previously, counts were combined causing confusion on how many needed to be printed of each type.

10. Primary Marketing Report: Added AND condition between “Event” & “Ticket Type” filters when using these filters together

The Primary Marketing report Event and Ticket Type filters will now work as an ‘AND’ condition when using these filters together. If using Event or Ticket Type filters on their own, this will still bring data separately and will work as the OR condition. Please note, all other module filters will still work with OR conditions.

11. Single session event’s date/time selection is removed

We have removed the session selection box when an event only has one session to speed up the sales process. This was only occurring in the specific scenario when event sessions were being displayed by view list only. This setting can be found by going into Settings > Platform Customisation > Online Customisation > Setting tab on top right-hand side.

The below screenshot shows the pink selection box of the date and time of the event. As explained above, this no longer appears in the sales process.

12. Changing marketing tag back to “Manual Assign” upgrade

Under the menu Marketing > Tags,  when changing marketing tag conditions back to manual assigned setting from auto assign, the system will now remove/ignore all previous tag conditions. For example, if a tag has been created with the internet sales channel condition and group ticket types as the selection to auto tag a customer who meets this condition, if an operator switches back the flag to manual assignment, then the system will ignore these 2 conditions for future sales. Manual assigned means you will go into the customer record and manually assign a tag i.e. VIP customer, accessible seating etc.

13. Online seat information popup location upgrade

In one seat map situation, we had a report of the rollover with the seat information flickering. This issue was coming in online sales when selecting seats from the bottom of the screen and there wasn’t enough space for the info to be displayed. This issue has been fixed.

14. Product/Voucher/Membership: Code change to manage switching between expiry options

When switching the expiry of a Product, Voucher and Membership from a fix date i.e., 31 Dec 2022 to No Expiry or Number of Days as expiry, this was causing an issue as TicketSearch was remembering the previous selection due to that selection not being cleared out. This issue has been resolved, as we are now removing the previous selection that was saved. 

15. Added “Are you a member? Sign in for member pricing” section at the top of event detail page

Are you a member? Sign in for member pricing” Text is now duplicated on the event detail page and will also appear before selecting a date/time and seats.

We’ve introduced this new option to ensure that customers login immediately to prevent them from selecting seats (if applicable) and ticket types and the system refreshing the page to provide them with their latest pricing and options.

Customers previously had to reselect the session, seats (if applicable) and ticket types, as when they login, the system needed to check the customer’s eligibility for member and tag tickets. By duplicating this, the system will encourage customers to login first before selecting a date and time. Operators can hide this section by going into Settings > Platform Customisation > Online Customisation > Event from dropdown on top left-hand side.

16. Hold report correction for RS+GA event

RS + GA event’s, along with the GA section’s capacity count has been corrected in Holds Report. This was an isolated issue happening for a small number of clients.