Add Questionnaire/Survey

  • Creating a new Questionnaire/Survey is easily done by clicking Create new questionnaire then completing all the mandatory fields.
  • Enter the Questionnaire Name which will be publicly displayed to the customer.
  • Make the Questionnaire/Survey, Mandatory or Optional mandatory – meaning that a customer will not be able to complete an order without completing the questionnaire.
  • Upload Image to have an image identifiable with the Questionnaire or simply your logo.
  • Within the Questionnaire/Survey you can add multiple pages by clicking Create new page. Pages can be used to collect information for multiple topics. For instance, one page could be for dietary requirements and another page could be for medical conditions. You will need to name each page by filling out the page heading text display text box Questionnaire Page Heading Text Display\
    • Then you will need to click Choose question type, select the type of questions you would like in the questionnaire/survey. Complete the popup form with the required questions you want to ask the customer. You can make each question type mandatory if required. Often, you’ll also get the option to allow the customer to select “other” as a response and if other, “with text field” which will allow you to then analyse responses.
  • Changing the order of questions after you’ve created them is easily done by dragging and dropping them into a desired position. Numbers will also re-order.

Click Preview Questionnaire to preview what the questionnaire will look like.