About Transaction Fees

A transaction fee is charged on the total order price no matter how many items are in the shopping cart. By default, the system will charge the highest transaction fee. However, this can be customised to either charge a collective fee for all transactions or maximum transaction fee. To customise your transaction fees, go to Settings > Organisation Settings > Step 3: Sales and Delivery > Scroll down to the Transaction Fees Section.

Here three options are available for selection:

  • Charge total of all transaction fees – this option will charge the total of all transaction fees for each event in a customer/patron’s shopping cart. E.g., If a customer has added two events to their shopping cart: Event A, has a transaction fee of $3.00 and Event B, a transaction fee of $6.00. At checkout, the customer’s total will reflect a transaction fee of $9.00.
  • Charge highest transaction fee only – with this option, an assessment of all events in a customer’s shopping cart will be done to determine the event with the highest transaction fee. This amount will then be charged to the customer at checkout. Therefore, with the above scenario, the customer would be charged $6.00 at checkout. The transaction report will show a breakdown of how the system has disseminated this transaction fee across the various events in the transaction.
  • Charge MAX transaction fee only – This option will provide you with all your sales channels that are active and allow you to enter the desired transaction fee in the box provided (dollar values only). E.g., You can decide to set a max transaction fee of $10 no matter the amount of events a customer purchases. This amount will then be disseminated across each event based on percentage (%) breakdown. Therefore, if a customer buys four (4) events: Event A – $50, Event B – $20 and Events C & D – $15 each for a total of $100. The transaction fee will be broken down based on the total (100%). The transaction fee will be distributed in the fees breakdown and reports as follows: Event A: $5.00 (50%), Event B: $2.00 (20%), Event C&D -$1.50 each (15%), for a total of $10 Transaction fee.

You can view a breakdown of the transaction fees from your Customer Transaction History page. Select the ‘View Fees Breakdown’ button

A breakdown of all fees associated with the transaction will be displayed.